Rain gutter bookshelves for just $12

Remember when I talked about how D’s room needed a refresh? Not a total re-do, because we were keeping the beds, the bedding, the curtains, some of the art, etc. But basically a “fix” because I totally hated the original light grey paint colour. Light paint colours just aren’t me. I need some DRAMA on those walls, you know? 
Well, over the past two-ish weeks, we’ve been working hard in D’s room, and I’m happy to say it’s done — except for the wall art. (That’s a work in progress)
But Darling Husband installed some super-awesome board-and-batten (thanks as always to Young House Love for the inspiration). I primed it (using leftover pale grey primer) and painted it white (two coats of off-the-shelf white in eggshell). And then we painted the top half of his room navy (Benjamin Moore’s Straffordshire Blue). I was overjoyed to see a nice, deep colour replacing that sickly old pale grey!
But the change we’re probably the most pleased with — well, at least from D’s perspective — is our awesome plastic rain gutter bookshelves!

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I’d pinned lots of inspiration, and Darling Husband was planning to use wood to build some slot-type shelves — like those IKEA spice racks everyone uses in places where they have IKEA (a.k.a. Not Nova Scotia). But I really wanted to take a peek at the rain gutters at Kent (Canadian Home Depot?) before we bought the wood, just in case.
When I saw that we could get a hugggge length of white plastic gutter for $5 — enough for three shelves! — I was sold. I wouldn’t need to paint it! It would be glossy and white. It would only cost about $12 for six shelves. AND it wouldn’t eat up all of Darling Husband’s limited free time to build something. 
He was very sceptical, but he agreed to it (of course he did), and used his knock-off Dremel to saw each gutter into three pieces. Don’t ask me for measurements, because I don’t fly that way. Then he pre-drilled holes in the end of each one, drilled matching (?) holes in the wall, put in a yellow devil (for added support), and screwed the gutter pieces into the wall.
Of course we had to do six, for our boy born on 6/6/10.
I’m in love!
The shelves hold a TON of books, and yes they wiggle outward a little bit if you yank on them, but they’re very secure. They’re a nice, shiny, clean white — NO PAINTING HOLLA! — and they look especially awesome against his dark blue walls.
A huge improvement from his cheap old faux-wood bookshelf (uh, no offence to the person buying it from us today!) that was always a mess because he would just shove his books into random piles. And we could never find anything, which sucked when I was looking for a particular Berenstein Bear book!
Smell ya later, crappy shelves!
So that’s our rain gutter bookshelf adventure! Now want to see the rest of D’s “new-ish” room?
Big development: moving his dresser into the closet to make room for a new (hand-me-down) desk!
He is thrilled to have his very own desk (“Just wike Mama”) but we still need to buy a chair for the poor kid. We were also able to bring back his blue lamp (Walmart) since he seems more responsible now (i.e. please don’t light the house on fire with it)
I bought him this cute Debbie Travis basket for $7 (!) at Canadian Tire. It holds his “quiet time” activities to do when C is napping (and Mommy’s working), like his Melissa & Doug sticker books, Magnadoodle, and a giant farm puzzle Auntie Lesley gave him for Christmas).

There’s his dresser! It’s perfect in there. We removed the second closet rod, because he barely has any “hang-up” clothes at this point, and it just wasn’t being used. I also bought these two red canvas baskets (insanely good price of $3.99 at Canadian Tire) to store his socks and undies. The grey plastic bins on the top shelf hold his summer clothes (or what I suppose *may* fit him this summer) and his “keepsake” clothes (because I’m a mushpot).


His two beds are the same, and his bedding is the same, but everything looks nicer against the fresh board-and-batten and navy walls. Artwork to come!

Bare, bare walls. For now!

My mom bought D this airplane shelf secondhand, and we love it. It looks way better against the darker wall colour.


D’s new room! (Minus any art)
So have I convinced you to toss out all of your crappy bookshelves and buy some plastic rain gutters? If you need any more motivation, here’s the set we did in Miss C’s bedroom. #lovethem


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  1. Love this!!! Called hubby to say we HAVE to do this =) Says we have an extra in garage to try!!!!! YEAH…
    Thx so much for sharing.

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