Easy and delicious homemade gifts (candy recipe and caramel corn recipe)


Since we moved into our House of Dreams just over two years ago, I’ve been doing “neighbour gifts” at Christmastime. 
It’s the first time we’ve had actual neighbours, unless you count the mean-spirited old people who lived in our condo building in the city (I don’t). And it’s AWESOME to have neighbours, so I get really into it. Hooray for built-in friends within walking distance!
For the last two Christmases, the kids and I have made iced sugar cookies and homemade “crack” candy to give to our neighbours. This year, I wanted to mix it up a bit — a.k.a. making zillions of iced sugar cookies and then delivering them IMMEDIATELY so they’re fresh is a huge pain in the butt — and try something new.
The candy is always a bit hit, so I knew we’d make that again. It’s my mom’s recipe, and I’ve yet to meet a single person who doesn’t go crazy for it. It’s easy to make — just sugar and a whack of butter, basically — and it’s delicious. It also pops into the refrigerator and can last for weeks (and can be frozen), so it’s easy to make in advance before your neighborhood delivery.
Here’s the recipe, and feel free to download — this is what I stick to the containers so people know what the ingredients are (HELLO, ALLERGIES) and can make it themselves … 

For my “something new,” I tried my hand at homemade caramel corn. I’ve only made it twice before — once on New Year’s Eve, and once for Darling Husband’s birthday — but it’s always, always, always delicious.

It involves a bit of standing around the stove, and then an hour of your time as you stir it every 15 minutes, but it’s not hard to make. I packaged some of it in bags tied with ribbon, some in these little plastic holiday tubs (bought at the Dollarama), and some in clear plastic candy containers (saved from when I did a candy buffet for Darling Husband’s birthday in November).

What are you making for your neighbours this year?

D is suddenly very into Mister Roger’s Neighborhood, and loves when I sing “da neighbour song.” Let’s hope he doesn’t make me sing it while we’re out delivering these goodies!


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  1. Heather – thank you! I was thinking I need to find an easy but awesome recipe for some neighbour gifts, and now I know what I'm making: Christmas Crack!

  2. I hate everything about this post … these recipes (and the way you execute them) are SO BEYOND DELICIOUS OMG that you are totally on my to-blame list for my holiday weight gain! 😉 Thank you for the treats – they were amazing!

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