Guess who’s back? Back again …

Hiiiii. Some of you may have wondered why you’re suddenly hearing much more from me — on a much more regular basis.

Maybe you’re all “Oh, I forgot Heather even blogs,” but hopefully you’re more along the lines of “Oh, it’s nice to see Heather blogging more.” Either way, yes, I am kicking it up a notch. Thanks for noticing!

It’s no secret that I’ve really, really struggled to blog regularly since having Baby #2 (the lovely Miss C) back in April of 2012. Having two kids is no joke, and working from home (during naptime and after bedtime) is no friggin’ joke, either. I should embroider that on a pillow.

But it’s NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) and I’m using it as a kick in the butt to post daily — at least this month. It’s been really nice to blog more often, and I hope I can keep it up. Otherwise I’ll look back at these hazy two-kids-three-and-under years and wonder what the heck I did with my time, and why I didn’t stop to preserve any memories in bloggy form. Or something.

If you’re a fellow blogger and you also need a kick in the butt, join BlogHer’s pledge to write daily during the month of November. Somehow, we’ll squish in a post every day, and then maybe it will become a habit. We hope!

So since you’ll be hearing from me so often this month, any suggested topics?

Here are a few things I’ll be tappity-tapping away about over the next three weeks:

  • Dramatic posts: Cloth diapering and WHY I QUIT IT (oh yes)
  • Important posts: Are we having more kids?
  • “Favourites” posts: Stuff I like! I don’t know! Stuff!
  • Funny posts: … like … something about my crazy kids? They’re funny.
  • Fail posts: I often fail at kitcheny things, so yes, probably this!

Thanks for keeping me company this month, NaBlo-hos!

One Comment on “Guess who’s back? Back again …

  1. Yay! I love having lots of blogs to read. And I love that there's a National Blog Posting Month. But why couldn't they have it in January when all the Christmas craziness is over?! Some of us have crafts to make! I can't compete with this. LOL

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