Mommy confession: I hate playing outside

Yes, it’s summer. Yes, the weather is too hot, er, nice. Yes, my three-year-old and one-year-old want to be outside ALL. THE. TIME.
But no, I don’t like to play outside.
It sounds terrible to admit it, I know! But I have always been an indoor girl. I LIKE being inside. I especially like being inside an air-conditioned space, when it’s realllllly cold and crisp. I appreciate sunny days because it’s nice to look at them … through a window … from a distance.
But outside? Outside has sun that blazes down on you and threatens to ruin your complexion! And heat that makes you droopy and tired! I’m a Sunscreen Natzi, so I’m constantly greasing up myself and the kids, but I actually hate sunscreen. I hate putting it on. I hate the way it makes my skin feel. I also hate the feeling of sweat, while we’re on the subject.
Outside also has bugs that bite you, flowers that make me a sniffly runny-nosed allergic mess, dirt and gravel that gets inside your sandals. You come inside itching and sneezing and dirty and generally unpleasant.
Prior to having kids, I rarely went outside except to walk to the bus, go on strolls with Darling Husband, and walk to and from the car. I was fine with that.
But D and C LOVE being outside, so now I’m outside every day — for a good portion of the day! We go to zillions of parks and playgrounds. We go on walks. We play in the backyard every single evening (and a lot of mornings, too). We play outside at friends’ houses. We eat picnic lunches outside. 
We are basically outside EVERY WAKING MOMENT (or thereabouts … at least it feels that way to me).
There are good moments for sure. I don’t mind pushing swings for hours (HOURS!) if I have a friend there, too, so we can chat. I like hanging out in the backyard when the neighbours are out, too. I do enjoy exploring the woods with the kids, because that’s the one thing I enjoyed outdoors as a child. I also like checking out a new playground, because I like playing on some of the equipment sometimes!
I’m starting to get used to it, at least, but I’ll definitely almost positively probably never be at outdoor person. 
No, I’m just an indoor person who puts up with the Great Outdoors for the sake of two very cute little wilderness folk … 

All photos taken from my Instagram account

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