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I can’t tell if it’s boring when I re-tell them to other people, but I just can’t get enough of the funny things my newly-minted three-year-old has been saying lately!
Maybe it’s a Mom thing, and other moms find toddler-speak interesting, too? I always love reading the Clara Conversations over on Young House Life, as well as the Every Says feature over on Dear Baby. It’s so funny to hear a little person’s perspective on things, once they can put it into words.
Here are a few of D’s funniest lines lately …
  • “Oh, my GOSH!” (He explained he heard it from my mom)
  • “Das awe-sum!”
  • (While watching me dry off after a shower, and launching into our usual “girls have vaginas, boys have penises” discussion): “I want a ‘gina! I want a ‘gina in my bum so I be just like Mommy and Sissy!”
  • (While crying about something very specific he wanted for breakfast): “I want a peanut! Pees, Mommy! PEANUT, PEES!” It turns out he wanted a cold, dried-out pita.
  • (While asking to watch the Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer special, which happens year-round): “We a watch a Roof-rolph, pees?”
  • (While running outside onto the deck to check on Darling Husband doing yardwork): “How it goin’ Babe? What you doin’ Babe? How it doing?”
D just stood at the front door shouting “Ha! Ha!” I asked him what he was laughing at and he said he was “talking to da birds.” Sure enough, a crow answered “Caw! Caw!” and D continued yelling “HA! HA!”

At the mall, D insisted on wheeling C’s stroller into the mall so he could “watch da people.” The cashier did a double-take and said “Did he just say he wants to people-watch??? How old is he?”

D attempting to padlock his dresser drawer using a toy. He kept murmuring “Dis a tricky one” and “Nice and safe.”
“I can’t eat da brekkist. It’s TOO TASTY!”

This one isn’t a funny line, but a funny story that I shared on Instagram. D snuck out of his room at naptime to play in the toyroom (outside my office) as usual. I ignored him while I finished a call, and then I realized it was really quiet. I stepped outside my office and saw him fast asleep under the play kitchen. Guess he needed that nap after all!


And for our conclusion, selections from Belle from Beauty and The Beast (something D sings about 50 times a day to himself):
“Wittle townnnn! Is a quiet viwwage! Every dayyy, wike the one beforeeeee! Wittle townnnn, full of wittle people, waking up to say … Bonjour! Bo-jour! Bonjour, bonjour, bo-jour!”

“Good morning, Belle! Good morning, Mis-yeur! Where’re you off to? Da book shop! I just finish da most wonderful story ’bout a beanstalk and a — Elysee! Da baguettes! Hurry up!”

“Ohhh, isn’t dis amazing. Is my fave-rit part becausssse you seeee. Here where he meet Prince Charn-ing … won’t dis-over that is him ’til chapper freeeeee!”

“… Elysee! Da baguettes! Hurry up! … *pause* … Bonjour! Bo-jour! BONJOUR BONJOUR BONJOUR!”


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