He says, I laugh …

Little D attempting to strike up a conversation with a neighbour (who is much too far away to hear him)

It’s so hard to believe that just one year ago, D was barely saying a word and had some serious hearing issues. Before those tubes were in place, our boy was the strong but silent type. These days, however, he doesn’t stop chattering away, and we love it — well, mostly.

I can’t get over how many funny things he says in the run of a day. Here are a few that have had me laughing lately …

  • (Calling out the screen door at the front of the house, to a neighbour hanging out laundry in her backyard): “Hi! … Hi! … Hi! … (turns to me) … Mum, dey not hi-ing me!”
  • (Singing this song from “Potty Time” over the baby monitor): “My body is amazing, amazing, amazing! My body is amazing, as you can see!”
  • (Periodically to himself, while eating his lunch): “Das good, Babe … Das good, Babe.”
  • “I go to Nannie and Grampy’s house and I SEE MY COUSIN JOSH and play a hockey with a COUSIN JOSH!”
  • “Oh no! The pregnant’s gone!” (translation: penguin)
  • (Describing how he arranged his stuffed animals during naptime): “Dey putting on a show. Dey so HAPPY! Doo doo doo, doo doo doo. Good job, am-imals.”
Keep chatting away, little boy. You always know how to make your mama laugh.

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