Five things

D getting stuck inside his many sweatshirts

Five things our almost-three-year-old son, D, is obsessed with right now …

  1. Sweatshirts, especially zip-up ones (It’s been a very chilly late-May here in Canada)
  2. Riding in Daddy’s car (Mommy’s van is not cool, as even a two-year-old knows)
  3. Witches and ghosts (specifically, SCARRRRY witches and SPOOOOKY ghosts)
  4. Talking like a teenage boy. He’s saying “Woohoo!” “Oh yeahhh!” “Oh my GOSH!” and giving us a knowing “Ohhhhhh!”
  5. Getting dressed without help, “reading” books to us, singing songs without our accompaniment, and generally being Mr. Independent
Little Miss C
Going for a wheelbarrow ride
Five things our newly-minted one-year-old daughter, C, is obsessed with right now …
  1. Mommy (Seriously, just try to get between us. You’ll be deafened by the shrieks)
  2. Shrieking (see above). She shrieks when she’s happy, when she’s sad, when she’s mad, when she’s been wronged, when life is unfair, when life is exciting, when she sees any of her family members. You get the idea.
  3. Sitting at “the small table” to eat snacks with her big brother
  4. Rides. You should see her face light up when she’s getting pulled around the house in her new pink wagon, like a queen
  5. Headbands. Finally! I broke her! She still yanks them off, but then she tries to get them back on (and sometimes leaves them on the second time). She often toddlers over to her headband box (oh yeah, there’s a boxful!) and tries to try them on. *holding my breath she loves to dress up!*


Eating at “the small table”

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