Fun gift idea: 25 reasons we love you

I mentioned last week that Little Sis recently turned the big 2-5, so I thought I would show you what I did for her gift …
I usually agonize over what to buy Little Sis, because she is of the fashionable, trendy young person variety — and I’m very clueless about what young, trendy, fashionable people need or want.
She gave me two ideas — a big woolly scarf, and a hairbow (sounds random, but it was inspired by Pinterest fashion images). I figured I could find those two items, but it wasn’t enough — especially for a big birthday like her 25th.
So I decided to put together a “25 reasons we love you” kind of thing, with a bunch of her favourite items representing her awesomeness:
Mmm, Doritos!

Cute panties! (These were wrapped individually)

Sissy’s essential bevs: Caffeine-free Diet Coke and white wine

Woolly scarves!

Family photos of her, me, our mama, her boytoy, and D and C of course!

Mini sockie thingies for people who wear flats

Hairbows (which are apparently popular again, thanks to Pinterest?)

Surly coffee cup (thanks, Dollarama)

She has a sock fetish

Ingredients for her fave food, poutine (and a plate I made using Pinterest’s Sharpie trick)

Kinder Surprise, her fave (I’ve heard my American readers can’t get those? Because they combine chocolate and a toy, and that’s, like, illegal down there? Shame)

Classic literature

Fun necklace (Tassels are trendy! I know this!)

Once I rounded up all of my items, I wrapped each one individually and put a label on it that described something we love about Little Sis. I don’t know if I can remember them all, but here’s a sampling:

  • You always go for the gold: Caffeine-free Diet Coke (gold label)
  • You’re the life of the party: Wine
  • You are cuddly (but you have sharp bones): Woolly scarf
  • You are warm: The other woolly scarf
  • You suffer from chronic bitchface: Surly coffee mug
  • You are an amazing godmother: Photo of her niece/godbaby, C
  • You are a great aunt: Photo of her nephew, D
  • You are a good daughter: Photo of her, me, and our mama
  • You are a good girlfriend: Photo of her and her boytoy
  • You appreciate fine cuisine: Doritos
  • You’re healthy and you make good choices: Poutine plate
  • You are sassy: Neon panties
  • You are bootylicious: More neon panties
  • You love turquoise: More panties
  • You have a big heart: Panties with hearts on them
  • You respect good literature: Babysitter’s Club book (our fave series)
  • You have a sock fetish: Ankle socks
  • You like a nice Pinterest trend: Hair bows
  • You were good shoes: Mini-socks for flats
  • Your favourite food is the best: Gravy, fries, cheese (for poutine)
  • You are fun: Kinder Surprise (chocolate egg with toy)
  • You are a smart and hardworking law student: Purple and pink butterfly folder

Here are the gifties! Love that Dollarama pink paper.
I grabbed a cardboard box, cut off the flaps, and put them on the bottom to make it sturdier — there was going to be a bottle of wine and a 2L bottle of pop inside!


Then I covered it with wrapping paper (badly)

Here’s the box, with everything inside!

D helped me cut the black polkadot hearts from the La Senza bag, and glued them on with his gluestick.

Little Sis loved her big box of prezzies, and it was fun for everyone to see her read each label aloud and open it up. It took a long time, and that’s the fun of it!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Little Sis!

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  1. This was such a great idea! It was all the things I love and was soo much fun to open! I loved all your sassy labels! Thanks again Sissy! xox

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