Live More With Less: Week 2 (Toddler Bedroom)

We’re back with more organizing awesomenessssss! Who wants to see an organized toddler room with lots of furniture bolted to the wall? I DO! I DO!
Thanks to Emily for hosting the Live More With Less blog challenge. Last week, she tackled her two-year-old son’s bedroom, and this week I tackled mine. Our boys are only two weeks apart, so I knew I’d face a lot of her challenges — namely outgrown clothes!
I actually dealt with D’s outgrown clothes last week when I did my master bedroom closet, because that’s where I was storing all of our outgrown kiddie stuff. And it was A LOT. Seven garbage bags and eight bins’ worth!
So when that was out of the way, I focused on D’s room itself. The main issue is that since he’s been, um, creative in his sleeping (i.e. under the beds, in the closet, in the dresser, on the bookshelf) and um, AWFUL in his activities (climbing furniture), his room kind of started to look like a crack house.
Shall we begin?
Here’s a shot of WAY before the challenge, when D actually slept in his bed …

Here’s how his bookshelf has looked for months, since he started climbing it and destroying books.
D used to have an airline poster in the blank spot, but he ripped it down. 

I don’t have a photo of this, but his dresser had been in our bedroom since the Great Climbing The Dresser and then Crashing It Down On Top of Him Debacle of 2012.

Now for some “after” pictures!

(Oh, and you’ll note that some of the items in D’s room have his name on them — and I’m not going to any lengths to “hide” his name from you. I’m just not going to refer to him on the blog in any way other than D, to respect his teeny tiny toddler privacy)

We put D’s dresser back in his room, and used mega-super-duty bolts (or something like that) to anchor it to the wall. We also hung this framed print that we’ve had for ages, that I hate and Darling Husband loves but doesn’t go anywhere in our house.

I made this foam organizers a while back, and they’re still working great!

Notice the lack of hardware on the closet? Yeah, D unscrews it on a daily basis, so it’s off for now. We did add a slide-y lock to the top, though, because he was ripping clothes off his hangers.

He has a basket for jammies, a basket for socks, and one for swimsuits. Undies are kept in the linen closet with the cloth diapers.

Best idea ever. No more closet destruction during naptime!

We screwed his shelves into his bookcase, to prevent climbing injuries — he might climb it, but at least it’s bolted to the wall and the shelves won’t pop out anymore. We also re-gifted him with his book collection, which had been confiscated due to ripping. He’s been doing well so far, so maybe a lesson has been learned?

Ah, a shelf full of books again!

I knew I wanted to “re-balance” the art on D’s back wall, since the airline poster got ripped down (damnit), so I made a frame collage using some paintings I made for him over the last two years.

For months now, D has insisted on sleeping UNDER one of his twin beds, and we want him to get comfortable sleeping IN a bed again. So Darling Husband dismantled the frames and created this cozy “floor bed.” He’s been sleeping here without a peep ever since. Yeah, it doesn’t look as cute as twin beds, but I’ll take it for now. WIN!

Like the curtains? The house came with red-striped ones, so I sewed this navy polkadot fabric onto one side when we moved in. The other side is still the red strips, so I think it’s cute.

We are a diehard Montreal Canadiens household, I’ve been told. This actually used to hang in Darling Husband’s childhood bedroom!

My mom got D this airplane shelf on Kijiji (Canada’s Craiglist), and I painted it with little tester pots to match the colours of his room. 

Remember when I made this “It was grey in a world without you” painting for D, when I was pregnant? It’s been in his room ever since. Awwww! I made the “I am your parent” one after seeing it on Pinterest (ditto with the CLARKE framed letters and the “D” canvas). And the final frame holds a signed mat from his first birthday party.

I used this thrift store frame as a placeholder, but it’s not done yet. I’m going to spraypaint it red, put something cute in the frame, and probably remove the price tag. Probably.

See the framed photo? It’s Darling Husband as a little boy. OMG ADORBS!

D’s thrilled with his newly organized room!

A busy, bright room for a busy, bright, and DID I MENTION BUSY little boy!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my organizing progress during Imperfect’s Live More With Less challenge. Come back next week to see what I do with our baby girl’s bedroom!


One Comment on “Live More With Less: Week 2 (Toddler Bedroom)

  1. Thanks for linking up again! You did a great job. Isn't it funny the lengths we go to for toddler boys who climb on everything??? Love his room! I need to make some of those foam organizers for sizes.


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