Toddler craft: Making thank-you cards

We have a lot of extended family that live out of town, out of the province, out of the country, and even across the pond, so we’re no stranger to mailing “real mail” (as I call it).
Once the Christmas chaos was over, I knew making thank-you cards was on my list. So I put Baby C down for a nap one morning, spread out three sheets of white scrapbook paper, and grabbed D’s new paints.
Here’s how we make some spectacular homemade cards:
D had a blast painting awesome “rainbows,” and I got a little TOO excited when he somehow managed to get ALL of the colours onto the brush at once, and actually make really cool-looking rainbows.
Not to pin my OWN aspirations on him, but I really hope D is a creative soul like his ol’ mama. It would mean so much to me.

Once D’s paintings dried, I used pinking shears to cut them into 4×6(ish) rectangles.

Then it was time to use a Sharpie pen, and add a little note of thanks to the front of each …


I love the bright streak of yellow on this one.
Look at the colours in those “rainbows” — the kid’s an artistic genius!
Streaky and lovely 
Here’s our finished batch of cards!
I wrote a little note to each recipient on the back (well, I wrote it “from” D and C, of course). Here’s a note of thanks to our Uncle Myles in Montreal, Quebec.

D had a great time painting with his new paints, and we made a beautiful batch of thank-you cards from them — although, believe me, it PAINED ME to cut up his paintings. No matter how many he does (and we do a lot of arts and crafts), I think each is more beautiful than the last. I’m biased, of course 🙂

I also completed by 43,492nd photo order from Walmart’s online photo system, and got three photos of the kids at Christmas printed off to slip into the envelope with each card. Since these cards are mostly travelling to family members who have never met D and C in person, I knew they would appreciate seeing their happy little faces on Christmas morning.


Do you help your kids send out thank-you cards after Christmas or birthdays? I remember being forced to as a child (and despising it), so I’m not sure if I do it now out of retaliation (Ha! Now I’m the boss!) or because I actually think it’s right. Or possibly because I just love receiving “real mail” so I want other people to get that excited feeling, too?


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