The mysterious case of the little boy underwear

I’m really tired today, so here is a ramble on underwear. I hope it makes sense!
One of the best things about having a little boy, I’ve always thought, is buying little-boy underwear. 
It’s SO CUTE! Even cuter than little-girl underwear. I don’t know what it is about it, but I’ve always felt this way. Maybe it’s those colour-ribby line things that run down the front? I really like those. 
Or maybe it’s just that I’m a girl, and I grew up in an all-girl household, so I never got to see these awesome things in person. Ever! (Darling Husband’s a boxer-briefs man)
We started potty-training D this summer — lonnnnng post coming up on that — and I was ridiculously excited to buy him his first pack of undies. We got a three-pack of Elmo ones (Size 2), because I let him choose, and he was in a huge Elmo phase (that’s an “Elmo” phase, not an “Emo” phase — that’ll come later, I’m sure).
Baby’s first undies!
At first, we just had these three pairs. But once we started getting more seriously into Potty Mode, we needed to buy more. So I decided to buy Size 3 undies since the Size 2s were getting a little small. I grabbed a pack of Diego undies at Walmart, and a pack of Mickey Mouse (his latest obsession) at Toys ‘R’ Us.
The Size 3s are still too big on him, which is fine. Understandable, even, considering the Size 2s still technically fit him. See?
Yup, everything looks pretty normal here …
But! Are you ready to behold the mystery of the Teeny Tiny Underpants? … Check this out!
What gives, Mickey Mouse???

 The Mickey Mouse Size 3s are INSANELY TINY! They are much tighter on D than the Size 2s, and they almost fit like girl underwear — very, uh, fitted? And snug? With no crotch access flap thing?


I’m not sure what happened. The package of Mickey Mouse undies definitely says “Size 3,” and I am pretty sure it’s boy underwear, but who knows? WHO KNOWS?

All I know is this:

  1. It’s hilariously small on D
  2. He can’t wear it
  3. I refuse to even TRY to return undies
  4. It’s being packed up for Baby C to wear someday
  5. It might even be girls’ underwear anyway!
And thus concludes the mystery of the Very Tiny and Possibly Girls’ Underwear. Thanks for joining us, and Happy Weekend to all!

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  1. Sure, Maryclare! The package just said Disney, I believe, but I bought them at Toys'R'Us. It was a pack of three pairs — one blue, one white, and one red. Hope that helps!

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