I made it first

Let me just be a TOTAL HIPSTER for a second, OK? Just humour me.

You see, SOME OF US have been making Grandma Ople’s Apple Pie recipe (from AllRecipes.com) for, like, at least two years. Well, last Christmas and this Christmas, plus Thanksgiving. And now it’s suddenly all POPULAR on Pinterest.

But we made it FIRST, you know?
Because it became A THING?

(While we’re on the subject of liking things before they were popular, I must mention that I once reviewed Taylor Swift’s debut CD about a zillion years ago when NO ONE ELSE in the entertainment department wanted to review it, and I loved it. I gave it five stars, guys. And I listened to it in my car forever. Then suddenly she started to get popular and I felt all proud, like I had played a part in giving her a big break. And I still love her. So I guess I’m not a hipster?)

And now, clearly, because this apple pie is so freakin’ popular, it’s not as good. Actually, that’s crap, because it’s just as amazing as always. Just like Taylor Swift!

Baking away, la la la
Fresh out of the oven! (Do you like my cupcake oven mitts?)

If you’re not a total hipster, and you are cool with making a recipe that is suddenly SO POPULAR (I feel your hipster pain, I do), then you can head over to AllRecipes.com (a.k.a. My Personal Cookbook Because Googling Is The Best) to get the recipe.

If you ARE a total hipster, then I guess you should go to a used bookstore and find a really obscure vintage cookbook (preferably in another language) and make that your “go-to” apple pie recipe.

Then MAYBE you have a year or so before it’s all over Pinterest, thus rendering it no longer cool in the hipster realm.

Happy baking, you adorable hipsters!

2 Comments on “I made it first

  1. Ha! I reviewed Colbie Caillat back in those days, too, before anyone had heard of her.

    This pie looks SO good! I'll have to give the recipe a try. Thanks for sharing!

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