More wooden gift tags

Yesterday I showed you the homemade wooden gift tags I’d made two Christmases ago for D — keeping in line with our special approach to gift-giving — and now I’m happy to report that C has her very own set …
I started with these plain wooden doorhangers from Michaels (I think they were $1-ish each?)

Then I coated each one with a little acryllic magic. Like my fancy high-tech way of keeping them propped up while they dry?

The finished gift tags!

I got an email asking about Santa presents and stocking stuffers, since I didn’t address that in the original post, so I’ll explain that now.

These five items — want, need, play with, read, and jammies — are all from me and Darling Husband. Stocking stuffers are extra (but are mostly useful things like bubble bath, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. along with some candy, of course — and puffs for Baby C).

When the kids write their letter to Santa, they get to ask him for one item. I’m not sure why I feel adament about this, but I do. I guess it’s a combinatin of not liking the idea of them writing out long, greedy lists, and also because it will make for less of a weird transition whenever they no longer believe in Santa. They’ll know that their “main” gifts are always from Mom and Dad, and they’ll continue to get a Santa gift, but that gift isn’t the star of the show, you know?

Stay tuned for a list of what the kiddies are getting for Christmas this year. I’m always curious if we seem to be over/under-doing it, compared to what other families do.

How does your family determine which gifts are from Santa, and how many they get?

So what do you think?

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