Tales of toddlers and (two) Christmas trees

For D’s first Christmas, he was six months old and we lived in a carpeted condo. So it was no surprise that while he did frig around with the tree (and try to eat it), he never broke any ornaments.
Last year, D was a spirited 18-month-old and we lived in our new home, with zillions of hardwood floors. So it was really no surprise that he broke LOTS of ornaments. I didn’t care about the bulbs (they were cheap), but it was nerve-wracking to clean up glass shards and hope he wasn’t going to get any stuck in his fat little feet.
So last year after Christmas, I had the foresight to buy a huge box of sparkly (SO SPARKLY) shatterproof ornaments on sale. I forgot about it, and when I unpacked the Christmas decorations this year, it was like an amazing gift from MYSELF from the PAST, and I was really quite impressed with 2011 Me.
Here’s this year’s tree — complete with shatterproof GLITTERY ornaments!
D hasn’t paid much attention to the tree, except to admire it — now that he’s a mature and responsible (ahem) 30-month-old. But Baby C (who is seven months old) has been trying to rip that sucker down every single day. She crawls over, grabs the branches, and yanks until the ornaments start falling off.
Luckily, they don’t break, so it’s just a matter of picking them up right away so she doesn’t stick those pointy metal hooks in her mouth.
(Idea for new invention: shatter-proof ornaments with RIBBON LOOPS so they don’t impale the tongues of our children).
But shatter-proof ornaments aren’t the only way to go …
The home of one of my dearest friends was flooded this fall, and so most of the contents of the basement are still in storage — including … their Christmas decorations.
Rather than buy a new set of bulbs and baubles, my very resourceful friend decided to use some basic craft supplies — sheets of fun foam, colourful paper, scissors, and hot glue — and create some fun new decorations.
Simple, homemade decorations make for a beautiful (and toddler-friendly) tree
The tree looks amazing, and I’m so proud of my friend’s craftiness! She and her husband have a curious toddler (and a doggie!) at home, so they really appreciate that these ornaments are safe for everyone.
How do you keep your toddler/baby away from your Christmas tree? Or are they allowed to play with the ornaments? D likes to play with a white ceramic angel and call it his “baby.”

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