Homemade play kitchen from a desk

As promised, here’s the post on how Darling Husband and I turned a $25 Kijiji find (an old schooldesk) into a cute play kitchen for the kiddos as their “Something to Play With” Christmas gift.
Here’s how we did it …
Forgive me for losing the official “Before” picture (it’s been a while), but here is a shot of Darling Husband adding some framing to the underside of the desk (to make a little fridge and oven)

He sawed a hole in the desk to make room for a Dollar Store bowl (a sink!) and added some leftover taps we had from our condo-dwelling days. Then he drill a couple of holes into the desk to hold a Dollar Store trivet (a stove burner!)

He added a fridge door and an oven door, and I helped by adding the hardware

Fridge swings open! Aw, so cute!

Oven opens just like a real oven!

At this point, I happily told Darling Husband his part was over (and he happily went off to do something else, probably watch TV)

All taped up and ready for some PAINT!

Oh, did you notice the adorable “cutting board” that came with the desk? I decided to leave that part natural wood.

Priming SUCKS, doesn’t it?

Once the primer was dry, I started coat #1 (out of a million) on the oven and the fridge

The counters were painted a nice cheery red, and the cupboards were painted a creamy yellow

Ta-da! Almost done!

We added some hooks on the sides (also from the Dollar Store) and I stapled a red gingham skirt along the bottom to hide the plastic storage bins of play food and dishes.

This project was so much fun to make, and I think D and C will be very happy with it on Christmas morning!

Now for the hard part — keeping my office door locked so they don’t discover it early!

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