Stop! … Banner time!

My lovely friend Lindsey — you’re probably a reader of her Hectic Home blog, right? — is expecting her second son in less than a month (eeeeeek!).
Remember you saw her grey and yellow nursery last week? Well, her friend A and I wanted to throw her a baby shower that was grey-and-yellow themed. And owls, of course, but you’ll get to see more of that soon. Who can resist cute little owls?
Here’s how I made two banner for the shower decor …
I rounded up all of my yellow fabric and ribbon, with little idea of what I was going to do …

I used a campaign brochure (sorry, buddy) to cut a template for little triangles

I also cut white felt into rectangles. I find it easier to freehand-cut (?) letters when I’m working with pieces that are the same size.

A little hot glue, a little ribbon, and BAM! Done!

Two banners in 10 minutes. Not bad, huh?

For my second banner, I grabbed some white cardstock and cut out some big freehanded letters.

Gotta love Dollar Store clothespins. I buy ’em like they’re going out of style.

A little ribbon, a few clothespins, and we’ve got another banner! I also attached extra baby shower invitations, since they’re so pretty.

Just a few of the gifts our lovely Lindsey received

Thanks for checking out my quick-and-easy banners. More baby shower stuff coming up shortly (yes, of course, I made a Pinterest-inspired dessert)

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  1. You have serious letter cutting skills! I like the Baby banner with the clothes pins!! This is kind of off topic, but do you know the wall colour of that blue room? It's a beautiful colour.

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