I pinned it and then I ate it

I almost forgot to show you the cute owl cupcakes that A and I made for our friend Lindsey’s baby shower last month. And that would be a crime, because they were super-cute and very easy to make.
Here we go!
My inspiration came from Pinterest, and yes, theirs are a bit neater than mine!

After I baked 24 cupcakes, I opened a package of Oreos are starting divvying up the “eyes.” We were one short, so I emailed this photo to A and asked if she thought one could be winking? (We decided on “no.”)

You just pop on two Oreo halves (with icing), and put brown Reese Pieces as pupils, and an orange one as the beak. So easy and cute!

Here they are on the table, ready to be gobbled!

This picture was taken before we set out the food. There was lots of food, I promise!

The owl cupcakes were a big success, and everyone loved them. I would definitely recomend making them — super-easy and very adorable.

Oh, and I also made another Pinterest-inspired dish for the party — those little layered Mexican dip cups. But I was a bad blogger and didn’t take a single progress photo, so here is a photo I snapped before eating a leftover one after the shower.

Mmmmmm, Mexican dip!

Unlike the owl cupcakes, these dips were a HUGE pain in the butt. I used a baggie to pipe the cream cheese/sour cream mixture into the cup, and it got all over the sides anyway. Same deal with the salsa.

But they do look cute, and they were delicious — plus you didn’t get any grossness like you do in the giant communal Mexican dip. So damnit, I’m sure I’ll make them again.

This is what Pinterest does — it makes things look cute, sometimes it’s easy to recreate and sometimes it’s hard, but it doesn’t stop sucking us back in.

Love you, Pinterest!

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