How I turned my ugly hall closet into a pretty mudroom

Pinterest is awesome about making us want things we don’t have, or can’t have, isn’t it? It often makes me want brownies filled with caramel, and white chocolate drizzly desserts, and other things I would never normally make or buy.
Pinterest REALLY made me want a mudroom. But alas! Our house? Does not have a mudroom! It doesn’t have a place for a mudroom, either, so I’m stuck with a single hall closet that is DIRECTLY across from our front door.
Our closet has a big job to do. It holds coats and shoes for four people, plus bugspray and sunscreen, diaper bags, a toddler leash, tote bags, hats, a Jolly Jumper, and all kinds of random crap that needs to go somewhere, be returned to someone, etc.
I have tried to keep it tidy. I installed hooks! I bought a shoe rack! I hung up a weird hangy-storage thing! I dragged in baskets from other parts of the house.
But it always wound up looking like this …

Ugh, I am shuddering right now at the memory!

I got so tired of being embarassed about my gross hall closet that I decided it needed a huge makeover. So in following with my bedroom closet makeover, I took EVERY. SINGLE. THING. OUT. and started with a clean slate.

Here’s how it all went down …

Nice empty closet!

Thankfully I had a willing helper for the sweeping!

… and the hole-puttying!

He even puttied spots that weren’t holes!

I bought a small can (I’m terrible with measurements … the little one!) of Pittsburgh Paint’s “Asparagus.” It’s a nice, fresh, leafy green shade, and I love it! Usually we only use CIL paint, but in our small town, this is all they had at the local Canadian Tire.

Doesn’t it look pretty against our teal entry walls? You’ll see more of them in an upcoming post!

Darling Husband helped me install some wire baskets to corral the kiddo-shoes. I LOVE them because even wet boots can be tossed inside, and then’ll drip through (rather than soaking a fabric bin)

Ready to see the finished product?

Here we go!

Ooooh! Ahhh!

The red bin labels are just pieces of cardstock glued together, written on with black Sharpie, and attached with wooden clothespins from the Dollarama.

(Along with their own shoe bins, the kids each have a bin for their hats, and another bin each for mittens, sunglasses, accessories. The top two red baskets are for our Busy Bag (seen here) and our portable DVD player bag.

Ahhh, chalkboard labels. I used baskets I already had (they were once used in D’s nursery) to corral all of the junk that was cluttering up the old hall closet. Now it’s MUCH easier to find what we need, and to know exactly where it goes when we’re done with it. The “Totes” bin holds a bunch of reusable bags (we use 4-5 of them when packing for day-trips to the city).

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on my “chalkboard labels” (hint: no chalkboard paint was used)

As my lovely friend Lindsey commented, the “Outbox” is the reason I don’t (usually) forget things when I go out. If I need to give someone something, return something, etc. then it goes in this box, and I can grab it when I’m running out the door.

This is my custom key rack (for extra housekeys, neighbours’ housekeys, the key to our shed, etc.) Post coming up about this soon! It was soooo easy to make, and I think it’s really cute.

Thanks for checking out my hall closet-to-mudroom makeover! It’s a very hard-working closet, so it was a well-deserved makeover … and I’m no longer embarassed when someone forgets to close the closet doors 🙂

I’m linking up with A Thoughtful Place, so head over there to check out other storage solutions!


2 Comments on “How I turned my ugly hall closet into a pretty mudroom

  1. You are inspiring me to get moving on a few home projects in our new place! My boyfriend did most of the unpacking and of course stuffed everything in random places, so first I'll have to tackle reorganizing everything this weekend…

  2. It's absolutely gorgeous and organized better than anything in my home! Come over and do it to my front closet??

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