How to make Cougar Town-inspired "EAT" letters

Happy Holiday Monday, lovely readers!
I know I owe you posts on D’s tube surgery and on my Weight Watchers progress, but since it’s a holiday, here is a fluffy and fun little post about a recent craft project …
Cougar Town is one of my favourite shows, and I’ve always loved Jules’ “EAT” letters that hang in her kitchen. So here’s how I made my own version!
See the “EAT”? Isn’t it cute? It’s probably a zillion dollars from a fancy store we don’t even have in Canada, right?

I bought these three letters at Michaels (my fave store)

I also bought three sheets of scrapbook paper that match my new kitchen colours

Ah, Mod Podge. Is there anything it can’t do?

I traced each letter onto a sheet of cardstock paper (with a black crayon, to get a distress-y sort of look on the edges)

Here are my letters! Aren’t they happy colours?

I put a thin layer of Mod Podge (I say “Modge Podge” in my head, do you?) on the surface of each letter …

… then I smoothed down the paper cut-out. But wait! This “T” looked a little plain …

. I realized there was a funky pattern on the back of the “E” paper, so I cut out some circles …

… and Mod-Podged the circles onto the “T” — much better!

Here are the finished letters, after they’ve been roughed up with lots of sandpaper action!

And here they are in my kitchen! Cuteness!

Have you ever made something you saw on a TV set? Are you inspired by the decor of fictional characters? Tell me about it!

Happy Labour Day!

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