Hear, hear! (An update)

For two days running, we have had great news about D’s hearing and speech. I’m half-expecting him to win a public speaking award tomorrow or aomehing.

During yesterday morning’s speech consultation, we learned that D has done AMAZINGLY well “catching up” since last month’s surgery.

They asked me to guess how many spoken words he had (not signs), and I guessed about 50. But when they did an assessment, he actually says 27 verbs alone — and way more nouns — which puts him in a good spot.

He’s still behind where he should be, and he’s making some common mistakes — like saying the end of a word first (or instead), like “ka” instead of “pink.”

But the current plan is to work with him at home, and see how he’s doing in a few months. Darling Husband and I will be attending a workshop for parents to learn how to best help D with his speech. It’s not until November, though, so for now we will be trying a few things the therapist suggested, like working on “ing” words, adding into whatever he says, sounding words out, etc.

And at today’s ENT appointment, they checked D’s tubes and confirmed they were still in place and working. I had hoped he would have another hearing test, but they didn’t do one.

At his hearing test a few weeks ago, they said he seemed to be hearing a little less out of his left ear, but it wasn’t conclusive. At this point, I’m used to not getting clear answers! But it is frustrating to wonder if his hearing is 100% or not.

Overall, though, things are solid. We know his tubes are working, and we see (hear!) everyday that he is picking up new spoken words left and right.

I’m loving that I get to hear the things that go through his head. It’s so much fun to hear him tell toys “eye ya you” and to narrate things he sees through the car window. “Cow! Hoasss! Cahhh! Teee! Eye ya you, teeee!”

Darling Husband jokes that D never shuts up now, and it’s true.

And we’re so very, very glad.

So what do you think?

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