Easy (and weird) bathroom art

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a terrible flosser.

I don’t like doing it but start out with good intentions, it hurts when you do it right, I avoid doing it because it stings, the dental hygienist berates me, I once again start out with good intentions. It’s a vicious cycle!

But! I switched dentists a couple of years ago (to join the “family dentist” — the guy everybody in Darling Husband’s family uses), and I really love the new place. My dentist is awesome (and always compliments my smile like whoah, which is nice), and the hygienists are actually nice, too. No more uber-bitch snide comments about my flossing (or lack thereof) but just really nice, not-pushy comments about how I know it’s important, and I really should try to do it more.

So, of course, because I love these new hygienists, I’ve really been trying to change my ways for them. On my last visit, I decided I was going to start flossing every single day — I downright promised it!

But I’ve promised that shiz before, you know, and then not done it? So I asked the hygienist to enable my success by doing two things:

  1. Write a note in my chart saying that you’ll be really hard-assed if I come in for my next visit and it’s obvious I haven’t been flossing much
  2. Make me a little note I can put up on my bathroom mirror as a reminder

The hygienist laughed, but she did both things for me. I stuck the note up on my bathroom mirror, and it really did help me remember to floss.

But … it wasn’t pretty.

I have done exactly NOTHING to the top-floor bathroom yet, because it’s a decent paint colour already (thanks, previous homeowners), although I plan to change the decor at some point. But still … it didn’t look nice to have a piece of paper stuck up on my mirror.

So with a cheapie frame from Wal-Mart, here’s how I made my (very useful) note a little bit nicer on the eyes …

Thanks for the note, Sheryl!

The note now has a place of honour … next to the Q-tips!

It’s tucked nicely out of the way, but I can still see my little reminder!

It’s dull in here, but not bad. I’m in no huge rush to change things yet (still working like mad on the main floor)

Have you ever framed something kind of dorky?
What kind of art do you have in your bathroom?
Tell me about it!

So what do you think?

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