I have a little label problem

On Tuesday you saw the closet dividers I made for D’s closet, yesterday we toured my master bedroom closet, and today we’re moving onto the linen closet.
Uh, hooray for closets? Sorry for boring you?
If anyone is still reading, maybe you also get a huge kick out of a really organized and labeled closet? Maybe? OK, let’s go!
Welcome to my linen closet. Please make yourself at home, and let me show you around.

I keep the quilts stacked on the top shelf, and I LOVE saving comforter bags to store them in. I think I might just go out and buy a few comforter bags, just because I love having the quilts all individually packaged. I’m crazy, I know. I also keep the queen and double sheets separately “binned,” so it would be easy for company to grab their own sheets, if I suddenly dropped dead while making toast or something.

I didn’t make labels for the towels, but I probably will. I’m cray-cray that way.

Oh, and you’ll notice that I keep a little container labeled “Nighttime diapers” for C and D’s disposables. I like to specifically label them that way so if someone new were to change them (not that it really happens too often), they would know that those are off-limits during the day. I don’t know about you other cloth-diapering mamas, but the idea of using a disposable during the day kind of makes me twitchy. I can practically SEE them peeing on the money, you know?

Our cloth diaper collection is divided into two separate bins — one for “all-in-one” diapers, and one for “pocket” diapers. I’ll confess — I used to carefully sort and stuff every single diaper when they came out of the dryer, and line them up by colour. Then I had a second kid, and realized THERE IS NO TIME FOR THAT NONSENSE. So now I literally just chuck them into the bins, straight from the laundry basket, and assemble them when I need them. It’s a LOT easier. Lesson learned.

I toss all of the cloth wipes in this bin. There’s a spray bottle to wet them, too, but Darling Husband is the only one to use it. I prefer to run them under the taps for a second instead. Wow, this is probably the most interesting post I’ve ever written!

These bins (a.k.a. Dollar Store dishpans!) store our beach towels, extra pillowcases (because we somehow have a bunch that don’t belong to sheet-sets?) and twin sheets for D’s beds.

There’s some extra nighttime diapers, and a bin of maternity clothes, and then! … See the two bins in the centre? This is probably the most HELPFUL section of my linen closet.

Let’s zoom in for a closer look …

Ahhhh, these bins make my life so much better. One is for “clothes to be donated,” and one is for “outgrown clothes to be stored.”

When I’m sorting the clean laundry and see a stain or rip on something, I can toss it immediately into the bin to be donated. Before? I would have probably started a random bag somewhere in my closet, and then forgotten all about it.

When C or D have an item of clothing that I love, but it no longer fits them, I just toss it into the “to be stored” bin. That way I’m not constantly dragging out my massive storage crates so I can “file” the item. I can just do everything once a month. Win!

That’s a wrap on Mrs. Linen Closet.
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