How to make a ghetto toddler toy

Happy Monday, everyone! I have been doing a ton of projects lately — some big, some very tiny — and I am loving it!
I feel like I’m wanting to go in a thousand different directions at once, because we’re trying to finish decorating the main floor, do a few finishing touches on the top floor, and — inspired by our latest book club read, The Happiness Project — I have been going a bit NUTS creating organizing “systems” and such.
Here is a quickie two-second project I did one night. I had been saving up all of our bread tags because of seeing Pins like this one.
Then I was inspired by Janet’s button can over at Freelance Mama — but I didn’t have any buttons. Finally! A solution for my bread tags.
Here’s how I made a free, very ghetto (but entertaining!) toy for D …
Wash out an old sour cream or margarine container

Hoard a ton of bread tags (or buttons, if you are fancy)

Cut a slot in the top of the container

Drop bread tags into the slot! So fun!
(No, YOU’RE a total slot. Haha.)

Fun, free toddler entertainment!

Here is a covert shot I took in church of D playing with his new toy. He loved it!

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