Easy toddler activity: Fun with JELL-O

We’re still in painting/decorating mode here at our house — on our main level, specifically — so one morning I wanted to paint some frames, but needed to also entertain D.
The solution? An old box of Jell-o powder that was sitting in the baking cupboard!
I had asked Darling Husband to make it for me the night before (I can’t make Jell-o — true story, it never turns out). Then I set the pan on the kitchen table, put out some cookie cutters and a little butter knife, and let D go wild!

See? You can see my semi-painted frames in the background. Post on that coming soon!

He tried a bite here and there, but didn’t really eat it. Mainly just squished it.
I have a few more boxes of Jell-o in the cupboard, and you can bet we’re doing this again. He loved it, and it wasn’t even a big mess to clean up.
Hooray for squishy, gooshy Jell-o goodness!

So what do you think?

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