You know you’re a mom when …

… You have favourite characters in your toddler’s favourite TV shows (I’m looking at you, Oona, Bert, and Scott) …
… aaaaand you maybe get a little bit RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED when you Tweet one of your favourite characters, and they reply (and then re-Tweet you the next day) …
In case you’re living under a rock don’t have a toddler at home, Shayna Rose played Marina on The Fresh Beat Band. She is not on the show anymore apparently, but in Canada we must just get older episodes, because she’s always on here.
And we love her.

Little D goes crazy when this show comes on (which is often), and immediately digs through his toybox until he finds his toy drum, and starts banging on it.

And now “Marina” has Tweeted me. Wow.

OMG this is going to make me famous at playgroup now, right? Right???

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