Ten pounds

I was nervous when I stepped on the scale this morning.

We didn’t eat out this week at all. I didn’t have a single French fry or burger. We didn’t make bacon (to date, that’s been the biggest point-killer I’ve eaten).

I had been really good this week …

… except for the evening I made homemade brownies for the first time in my life — FYI, Little Sis is to blame for giving me the idea!

Anyway, the brownies were amazeballs. I was good about tracking everything I ate for most of the week, but didn’t log everything during those two days, SO a part of me was a little panicky that maybe brownies were a zillion points.

I was worried this might be the first week I wouldn’t lose.

But when I stepped on the scale this morning, I saw a number lower than what I was expecting.

I was down another two pounds, bringing my total weight loss to 10 lbs. since joining Weight Watchers Online six weeks ago. Happy daaaaaance!

Because it was the first goal set in the Weight Watchers system, all these lovely stars popped up and they were all HOORAY YOU REACHED YOUR GOAL NOW DON’T GO CELEBRATING WITH A CHEESEBURGER M’KAY BECAUSE A SKINNY GIRL WOULDN’T DO THAT! (Not actually, but it should have said that).

I don’t have an exact number of points I want to lose, but it’s probably another 20 — 30, if I really get my act together.

It sounds daunting when I think of that number, but then I remind myself that when I started Weight Watchers — six weeks after C was born — I had already lost 24 lbs. since her birth.

So in total, I’m 34 lbs. lighter than I was on April 25. Which means I’m more than halfway to what is PROBABLY my ideal weight — although I won’t know for sure until I’m there.

If I lose 1 lb. a week consistently, I’ll be 24 lbs. lighter on New Year’s Eve (58 lbs. lighter than I was the day I had C). I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up that rate, but hopefully between breastfeeding, eating healthy, exercising, and keeping my Teen Burger intake to a minimum, it will be.

It is weird to think of myself as being 20 or 30 lbs. lighter than I am right now. But I am pretty freakin’ sure it will feel amazing!

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  1. We're in such a similar boat Heather! I'm back to my pre-Nell pregnancy weight, but that's 12 pounds more than my pre-Thomas pregnancy weight…and I'd like to lose another 10 on top of that. So 22 pounds by my 28th birthday (Jan 1) is the goal! Adding you to my reader so I can follow your progress! (and great question about church…i don't have any solid advice but I have lots of things that we've tried, some with success, some failed miserably, and it all depends on the day and Thomas's mood…I'll email you at naptime about it!

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