So now I’m Instagramming …

I’ve resisted the call of Instagram for too long.
Those tea-soaked square photos are now ALL MINE, TOO!
Oh, and the borders! Don’t forget the borders!
(Actually, it wasn’t so much resisting as just not really getting around to it. Although I’m used to being on the ball with technology, so I’m feeling very late to the game here!)

So follow me? Or Insta-follow me? Or whatever the kids are calling it? My username thingy is “laptops2lullabies.”

I promise to Tweet er, post (?) lots of photos of D and C doing super-fascinating things. And probably lots of pictures of food and sunsets and other random things? I’ve heard that is what you do with this?

In conclusion … Thanks for having an Android, app, you good people at Instagram. Now I won’t feel so left out of things!

So what do you think?

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