It’s the little things

Five little things that are bugging me on this Monday morning:

  1. My frizzy hair. This heat wave has not been kind to my ‘do. That, and the fact that I haven’t been taking the time to blow-dry or straighten it.
  2. House flies. We have had an insane amount of them in the house lately. I think I have to blame my beloved Magic Mesh screen door for letting them inside.
  3. My itchy arms. I’ve been a scratchy mess since I had an allergic reaction to sunscreen on Canada Day (go eff yourself, Banana Boat!). But the rash went away, and I’m still insanely itchy on my forearms/neck/chest. Am I allergic to the sun? (Probably)
  4. Sticky hardwood floors. When will D stop dripping and spilling countless cups of milk and juice? Don’t say “Give him a cup with a top,” because I do, and he just removes it. Or the cup leaks. I don’t even know what happens.
  5. Storage problems. I have this elaborate amazingly-organized hall closet sketch all drawn up, but we are waiting to shell out for the shelves and baskets we need for it. In a fit of insanity yesterday, I yanked a bunch of stuff out of the closet and decided to do a temporary solution. Then the kids needed me, so the stuff is still on the floor of our entry. *twitch, twitch*

Five little things that are making me happy on this Monday morning:

  1. Darling Husband is home today until 3 p.m.!
  2. He made me tea!
  3. I look kind of thin today in this shirt!
  4. The heat wave might be over!
  5. My face also looks kind of thin today!

So what do you think?

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