What I Ate Wednesday: Toddler edition

Some readers have been curious how little D is faring with the Weight Watchers revolution in our house, so this post is for them!

At first, he hated it. He probably missed the fatting creamy pasta sidedish thingys I used to make, and wondered where the hell the frozen french fries and chicken fingers went.

I (selfishly) try to serve him foods he likes at lunchtime, so his afternoon nap isn’t jeopardized by hunger. I serve him the new healthy recipes at suppertime, and if he doesn’t want to eat it, too bad — he doesn’t get other options (except extra veggies, if he wants them). I feel OK doing this at suppertime because I know he still has a bedtime snack coming, and the cereal/toast/cheese and crackers he’ll eat then will keep him going until the morning.

But I’ve noticed a big improvement in D’s willingness to eat the healthier meals. He still doesn’t like some of them — like the ones with beans — but he’s getting used to the fact that this is what we eat now.

So for today’s What I Ate Wednesday, here are a few photos I’ve snapped on my phone of D’s meals over the last couple of weeks:

Peanut butter toast, hardboiled egg, apple slices

Whole-grain homemade veggie pizza with Spicy Baked Tacos

Peanut butter on ricecake, strips of chicken, cheese sticks, and raspberries

Peas, cheese sticks, hummus on melba toast, Turkey Joes filling

Veggie pizza on a whole-wheat wrap

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