Then then he was two …

My dearest D,

Today, you are two years old. Today, I have to officially stop calling you my “one-year-old wonder.” Today, I look at you and see such a startlingly grown-up little person that I can barely stand it.

You are using the potty more and more each week. You are signing up a storm, and picking up more spoken words like the little trooper you are. I love hearing you call things by their name, out loud, and yelling “Hi!” and “Bye!” at everyone — both in person and on the phone. I’m sure there will come a time when you are a little chatterbox, but for now, we treasure every single word. We are so proud of the progress you have made.

The end of your second year was rough. Your hearing has been a challenge, and you are patiently waiting for your surgery so you can hear clearly. I dream of the look on your face when you start hearing everything without it sounding muffled. Will it be gradual, or will it be like flipping on a lightbulb? I want it to delight you, to hear the songs you love at full volume. To hear every single “I love you.”

You are such a tough little guy. You have always been a daredevil, and we are accustomed to your climbing antics, so it doesn’t faze us when you come crashing down. You rarely cry, instead just brush yourself off and move on to the next challenge. You also just battled a nasty upper respiratory infection — along with your ear infection — and were taking three medicines a day for a little while! You handled it like a champ, and even enjoy taking your new teddy-bear puffer — which we call “getting Teddy Bear Air.”

You have grown up so much in the last few months — even getting your very first haircut! You are incredibly independent, and have spent the last few months sleeping in obscure places — like on your bedroom floor, on the shelf of your changing table, in the closet, and under your bed. You make us laugh when we check on you, and see you — along with your full arsenal of stuffed animals, blankies, books, and water cup — tucked carefully into a new location.

You have been such an incredible big brother to your new sister. I have been so grateful that you aren’t jealous of her (possibly because you are too young to be jealous?), and instead lavish her with kisses and hugs. You are so gentle with her, and rush over to use the cutest little soothing tone (“Awwwwwaaa!”) when she fusses. We can tell she already looks up to you, as she is fascinated when you play with her and whisper to her.

You are so mature in so many ways, but I still see my baby in you. I see it in your soft hair, your long eyelashes, and your impossibly velvety cheeks. You still love to cuddle, and you give incredible hugs (complete with reassuring back-pats). When I cradle you on the edge of your bed at night, singing you Bye Bye Baby Bunting and saying prayers, I can almost convince myself you are still my little bitsy baby D.

My boy, you are pure sweetness, and you have the biggest heart. You mean everything to me, Daddy, and C, and we love you to bits.

Happy 2nd Birthday, my angel.

Love, Mommy

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