One week down, a lifetime to go

The verdict is in!

On our first week using Weight Watchers Online, I lost a pound! Oh, and Darling Husband? That adorable bastard lost FOUR pounds. It’s not fair being a woman, let me tell you.

I can’t believe how much I have learned in just a week. By looking up recipes and restaurant items and snacks in their point-calculator thingy, I learned exactly how crappy I was eating before joining — and now I know exactly how much BETTER I’m eating now.

So far I’ve made six Weight Watchers recipes (and made one of them twice, because it was such a hit). I’ve enjoyed every single one, which is a huge feat for The World’s Pickiest Adult. Darling Husband has liked them all except one, which is also majorly awesome.

Little D has disliked every single one, but that’s toddlers for you. Although he doesn’t care for much, except pancakes, fruit, cheese, crackers, and pasta. Oh, and junk food, which — as I mentioned — is one of the reasons we’re doing this (to be all role model-y and such).

Here’s a quick rundown on surviving the first week of Weight Watchers Online, in case I inspire any of my fellow potato-chip-addicts to join:

  • It takes a few days to get used to your Points … For the first two days, Darling Husband and I were both so nervous about using all of our daily Points that we were both hangry a lot. We weren’t eating enough in the way of healthy snacks, for fear that we would burn through our points and be left starving all evening. Then we ended up with tons of points left at the end of the night. Oops!
  • … But make sure you don’t hoard them! After the first few days, we both started “spending” more points on healthy snacks — like pita chips and hummus, peanut butter on a rice cake, apple slices and cheese, etc. And we felt a helluva lot better. And we STILL didn’t go over our point counts for the day. Moral of the story? As my lovely Weight Watchers mentor, Molly, told me: If you’re hungry, you’re not doing it right.
  • You will never starve. Really. You see, there are more than just Daily Points. You get an allotment of Weekly Points (usually around the same number as one days’ worth). If you use up all of your Dailies, this gives you some wiggle room. Or you can save them up for a big blowout meal once a week — totally up to you. Of course, Darling Husband and I hoarded them, so we used them for a fast-food lunch on our final day of the first week. But get this — we didn’t even use them all! Wonders never cease, as Ma Ingalls would say.
  • “More” healthy food is more filling than “less” junk food. One of the great things about the Points system is it encourages you to eat foods that give you more bang for your buck (er, points). I ate a tiny portion of Shepherd’s Pie for lunch one day (10 freaking points!) and was still starving. The next day I had a really healthy lunch — salad, pita pizza, baby carrots — and was way more satisfied for far fewer points. Sad it took me 28 years to realize this genius?
  • You naturally start thinking about good food versus bad food. When I offer something to Darling Husband now, his usual response is, “No, can’t spare the points.” He says it constantly as a joke, no matter how healthy the item I’m offering is, but there is truth to it. We think harder about what we eat, based on how many points it is. I find myself considering something — like a Rice Krispie treat — then looking up the point value, and saying to myself, “Nah, not worth my points.” It’s kind of like dating. Food dating. Sometimes you just have to say he’s that Fudgsicle is just not worth my time points.
  • You realize that eating is brief, but the results are lasting. I once read a book where one of the characters had a fridge magnet that said “Just a minute on the lips, wear it forever on the hips.” And when Perez Hilton lost all his weight, I remember him blogging “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” I never actually DID anything about these nice inspiring quotes before, but I thought of them a lot over the last week. I ate one of my homemade chocolate chip cookies  last night — hadn’t made them since before C was born, and wowwww they are good … where was I? Oh right. So I ate the cookie, and it was divine. But the second I was done it, I was like “I feel exactly the same as I did two minutes ago, so what was the point?” I didn’t wake up this morning thinking “Mannnn that cookie was good. Excellent decision eating that!” I didn’t think about it at all, until I started writing about it. It’s just nothing. So I am reminding myself that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. And damnit, I really want to see what it’s like to be thin. That awesome feeling of knowing I have a rockin’ body? Definitely will be worth the work.
  • You can still eat potato chips! Yes, really! Before I started the program, I figured I would only get them once a week or something. But nope. I could technically still eat them daily, because I always have enough points left for them. Not gonna lie — I still eat them allllmost daily, BUT I eat a very tiny amount of them. And that is the key. Portion control, yadda yadda yadda. Now where are my skinny jeans? I deserve them now, right?

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    1. I'm so impressed! It sounds like this has made a huge impact on the whole family already. You've given me lots to think about here … all of this is great advice as I head into that time of my pregnancy where it's so easy to indulge too much in treats, and like you said, what's the point? I'll just end up having to take it off in the end.

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