Five things about salads

  1. I have never eaten so many consecutive salads in my life since joining Weight Watchers Online on Sunday.
  2. I don’t like salad.
  3. No, not even with salad dressing.
  4. But I am eating it anyway.
  5. It’s best when I try not to think about it while I’m eating it.

In case you missed this post, Darling Husband and I joined Weight Watchers Online as an anniversary present to each other. Today is Day 4, and I’m really proud of us!

Salads suck, but I have made a few other recipes that are really good. And Diet Coke is zero points, so THANK GOD FOR THAT.

Also: it is pretty adorable when Darling Husband texts me from work to tell me everything he eats, so I can log into the system and track it for him. My phone is full of random texts like “pear … just having a coffee … one milk one sugar … still hungry.”

So what do you think?

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