Five ways I know I am full-term tomorrow …

  1. My one-year-old son picked out my clothes today, and I wore them. I didn’t have the energy to care.
  2. After whining to Darling Husband and my mom on the phone, I was disappointed when I realized I didn’t have anyone else to call to whine some more.
  3. I almost burst into tears when I realized the curtains I had just washed, dried, and struggled to hang up — you can thank the toddler’s spaghetti-sauce hands for using them as NAPKINS — were totally wrinkled and look like shit.
  4. The only food in this entire house that appeals to me is frozen hashbrowns. And I’m too tired to cook them.
  5. I am grateful to have TV as a babysitter here and there, but I am SO READY to murder a Bubble Guppy.

So what do you think?

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