Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 15

Week 15 
(Nov. 5 to Nov. 11) 

Symptoms: Tired, sometimes dizzy, ummm … I’m a bad person for not writing these in a more timely fashion, because that’s all I can remember about Week 15. Oh right! Heartburn.

Body changes: Getting used to it, so it doesn’t really seem like CHANGES anymore. Probably getting bigger every day, but so slowly that I have stopped noticing.

Baby movement: I press my hands on my stomach at night, trying to feel from the outside, but I can’t really. Not yet. And sometimes I feel wooshing blood feelings, but are they from my own hands?

Cravings: Nothing specific. I AM, however *holds up pot lids as shields* drinking a teensy-tiny amount of caffeine-free Diet Coke on an almost nightly basis. I’m talking TINY, like shotglass-sized. It’s my vice. Good night.

Aversions: Nope.

High point: Going to our second OB appointment!

Low point: The point during our OB appointment when they sent in a MEDICAL STUDENT on her SECOND DAY to try to find the heartbeat and SHE COULDN’T. Yeah. Panic? Me? Yeah. Luckilly, she went to get my lovely Dr. L, and she did a quick ultrasound (another one, woohoo) and we got to see the heartbeat instead. The baby looked a lot more baby-like (we’re very technical around these parts of the blogosphere, aren’t we?).

How does this week compare to Week 15 during pregnancy #1? I apparently had my linea nigra then, and I don’t have that yet. Although it took a billion years to go away after having Baby #1, so it does not seem to have any regards for proper coming-and-going times.

So what do you think?

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