Five things that suck about moving into a new house when you’re pregnant

  1. You have an insatiable desire to clean, organize, decorate and nest BUT lack the energy in which to do it all yourself …
  2. … and the ability to lift and move heavy stuff
  3. … and the abilty to paint because of fumes and crap
  4. … and the rational ability to STOP when you are tired because IT MUST BE DONE OMG
  5. Your husband* gets super-annoyed at your sobbing about the MESS everywhere, how much longer do we have to live in this CHAOS of UNHUNG PICTURES and UNPAINTED walls and UNORGANIZED bookcases THE HORROR!

*But really … it’s serious to us
(Please please PLEASE set up the bookcases before my head explodes)

So what do you think?

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