Clothes explosion

I promised myself I wouldn’t dig through the (THOUSANDS OF) crates of baby clothes stored in the empty nursery.

I promised!

I had decided, all rational-like, that there was no point until we knew the sex. So I was going to wait, and then dig through them AFTER Saturday.

Well, I held out until last night (Tuesday).

I’m not even sure why I did it. I was just overcome with a compulsion to look through them. And ohhhh, how cute everything was. How tiny! For every piece I held up, I had vivid memories of my toddler wearing it when he was just a little spud.

It wasn’t a totally useless exercise, though. I started sorting out items that my friend J could use for her little guy (who is 3 1/2 months old now). She ended up coming over and taking some 6-9 stuff (he’s a tall, TALL baby, which is very unfamiliar to me and my short bebe). I’m glad she can get some use from the stuff (the MOUNDS of baby boy stuff that we have), because it will be a while yet before our little person-on-the-way can wear any of it.

Going through the clothes made me realize how practical it would be to have another boy. We have SO MUCH STUFF. Clothes, hats, jackets, snowsuits, shoes. Every size, every type — and much of it is very boyish.

Being the somewhat sexist traditional girl I am, I am OK admitting that YES, I WOULD be the kind of person who has a problem dressing a girl in a blue sports-themed sleeper. Sorry, but … YES!

If we have a boy, we’re set.
We’re really, really, really set.

If we have a girl, well … I’ll have some shopping to do.
Which, you know, total hardship! 🙂

P.S. In case you have forgotten my impatient countdown, we find out on SATURDAY!!!

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  1. Ha! Baby J loved the results of your nesting phase! So cool we made it onto your blog 🙂

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