Month: December 2011

Obsessing over …

… baby tights! … I swear, it seems every SINGLE day since Saturday I have thought of 5,447 more reasons I am excited about having a girl. TIGHTS! TIGHHHHHHTS! Tights with SHOES printed on them!

Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 20

Week 20 (Dec. 10 through Dec. 16)  Symptoms: More round ligament pain (a.k.a. stomach tightening/stretching feelings). Dizziness. Headaches. And OH YEAH, HEARTBURN! Body changes: I keep trying to compare my bump to my previous pregnancy’s bump, but I think it’s pretty similar. Bumpish and all. Baby movement: Starting to feel more like kicks. Tiny… Continue Reading “Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 20”

It’s a …

… GIRL!!!

Pink or blue?

Today’s the day of our gender-reveal ultrasound! Squeeeeeeeeee! I’ll be posting the results here later on, as soon as I’ve notified all of the real-life peeps (grandparents, friends, Facebookers, etc.) OMG I am dying of suspense! I bet you are, too, right?

Hamburger or Turtle?!?!

My hospital ultrasound is this morning. Fellow Canadians know what I mean by that. By “hospital ultrasound” I mean “the actual medical ultrasound where they won’t tell you ANYTHING (like the sex of your baby) and will get PISSY if you dare ask them… Continue Reading “Hamburger or Turtle?!?!”