A warning to new homeowners

When you are preparing to purchase a house, and you are carefully figuring out how much to save for closing costs, legal fees, deed transfer tax, etc., there is another BIG thing you have to remember:

Budget for the ninety-million shopping trips you will take to Wal-Mart in first month after you take possession. Because TRUST ME — even if you have owned a home before, you will find there are eleventy-billion things you need to buy. At Wal-Mart.

Things like drawer organizers. And hangers. And mats and shelves and shoe racks and screws and hooks and toilet brushes and soap dispensers and shower caddies. And strange glues and caulks and sealants that your husband keeps insisting you need.

Budget for approximately 30,000 trips to Wal-Mart, at around $100 or $150 a pop. It is painful, I know. But can you really enjoy your new home without the right shoe rack? No, you cannot.

So what do you think?

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