Month: September 2011

Kicking me while I’m down

I’m feeling completely overwhelmed by my own child. It sounds horrible, but it is very, very, VERY true. It’s a very simple thing. He just DOESN’T STOP. He finishes his lunch and tries to climb out of his highchair. I get him cleaned up,… Continue Reading “Kicking me while I’m down”

… and just like that, it’s over …

Remember when Darling Husband and I were selling our condo, and said we had the worst luck EVER in real estate? I was SO not kidding. Because it’s gone.This house is gone. We were super-close to it being official, but there was drama after… Continue Reading “… and just like that, it’s over …”


We got the house!The closing is Oct. 3! Will write more when I stop jumping up and down — and squealing over Pinterest photos of laundry rooms with chandeliers.