Kicking me while I’m down

I’m feeling completely overwhelmed by my own child. It sounds horrible, but it is very, very, VERY true.

It’s a very simple thing.

He finishes his lunch and tries to climb out of his highchair. I get him cleaned up, let him down, and before I can wipe his tray and tackle his dishes, he’s pouring cat food all over the floor and eating it. I pry soggy pieces of cat food out of his mouth and sweep up the food everywhere, and by then he’s pulling sharp BBQ tongs out of a kitchen drawer. I grab those from his hands and re-lock the drawer, and by then he’s pulling cans out of the recycling bin.


I know he’s just being a toddler … I guess … But it really and truly feels like he’s trying to torture me. I’ve seen other kids his age, and they AREN’T doing this kind of stuff on a nonstop basis!

I’m exhausted and frustrated. I’m considering digging out our Playard again, just to have a safe place to put him for two minutes so I can put something in the dishwasher without it turning into a pull-out-every-dirty-dish free-for-all.

But, knowing my toddler, he would probably climb out of the Playard and find some way to light it on fire before racing off to cause more trouble.

So what do you think?

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