Could it be …?

I don’t want to jinx anything.

But it’s almost there.
We almost have it.

Tonight we will learn if we have gotten our House of Dreams.
Things didn’t work out with the last house, but look more promising this time around. And really, OMG guys, this house has so many pluses!
  • This house is only nine minutes to the airport where Darling Husband works
  • This house is about 15 minutes to my mom’s house (free, reliable babysitting — holla!)
  • This house is 2,500 square feet (as opposed to our 1,195 sq. ft. condo)
  • This house has three bedrooms and three bathrooms (one potty per bum, presently)
  • This house has huge yards
  • This house is just down the street from a brand-new elementary school and sportsplex
  • This house has a sewing room/my dream office
  • This house is almost OURS!

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