Time mom-agement

I’m finding it hard lately to divide my time up.

Baby Boy is always my first priority, and every moment he’s awake, we’re busy doing things together — or he’s “helping” me do chores, get dressed, etc.

When he goes to sleep — thank GOD he is still napping twice a day, at almost 15 months old! — my priority shifts to work. I’ve been doing a lot of different projects lately (for a lot of different clients), and I’ve been really enjoying it. So I work-work-work every minute until Baby Boy wakes up. This often repeats after he’s in bed.

So … where is the time for other projects?

  • Where is the time to cook or bake things that take longer than 20 minutes (a.k.a. things I can prepare while Baby Boy clings to my ankles or digs in the pots-and-pans drawer)?
  • Where is the time to organize?
  • To make grocery lists and meal plans, and search for coupons online?
  • To hem those shorts of Darling Husband’s, that he’s been waiting on for months?
  • To take off my super-chipped nail polish?
  • I think I used to sew and scrapbook, about a million years ago, but I can’t be sure …

Where is the time to do all of the little things that I CAN’T do when Baby Boy is awake?
The things that I DON’T do while he’s sleeping, because I’m working?

I have said before that I need to start allocating some of my “free chunks” of time to this stuff. But then I don’t. I choose to work instead — which is very good, believe me. Working = good. But not getting ANYTHING done but basic chores/cooking, caring for Baby Boy, and working? I feel like I’m dropping the ball on everything else, and missing fun things.

Am I the only one with this problem?

2 Comments on “Time mom-agement

  1. You are not the only one with this problem – I think it's the universal Mom struggle. I work full-time out of the home, and when I get home I want to maximize my time with my boy. Once he's asleep, priorities turn to to-do lists, cooking and cleaning. I've been thinking lately of instituting a regular chunk of time each week for “me” time (and Husband would get some time for him as well, and we'd also take a spot of time for “us”). At this point, scheduling it in seems most logical to me.

    Good luck with the juggling!

    Love the new background 🙂


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