Month: September 2011

Who knew toddlers had fetishes?

If my toddler could type — type properly, that is (I think he believes he really can type) — he would probably have his own blog where he’d rave about the following … Dishwashers. He freaking L-O-V-E-S them. He used to just play with… Continue Reading “Who knew toddlers had fetishes?”

Wordless Wednesday: My favourite fall treat

Musical plates

Just had a lovely lunch with Darling Husband and the Toddler of Terror. We ordered three meals, and I’m pretty sure no one ate anything off their own plate. I ate Darling Husband’s chips. Darling Husband ate my hot turkey sandwich.The toddler ate my… Continue Reading “Musical plates”

Not Me Monday

When I went into the toddler’s room last night to shush his tears, I totally didn’t pick him up and rock him while singing the first random thing that popped into my head: You don’t win friends with salad … You don’t win friends… Continue Reading “Not Me Monday”

It’s kind of cool when you realize your toddler understands questions

Me: Do you want more milk?Toddler: *pause* *Shakes head* Me: Do you want a cracker?Todder: *pause* *Shakes head* Me: Are you all done?Toddler: *Vehemently shakes head* Me: Do you want an apple?Toddler: Mmmmmmmmmmmm!Me: Alright. Here. *** He may not be able to say “no,”… Continue Reading “It’s kind of cool when you realize your toddler understands questions”