Month: August 2011

My Husband Rocks: Passive agressive edition

Dear Darling Husband, Thank you for spending so much of your time on Kijiji searching for used trucks, snow plows and tractors. Even though we have no need for any of these things at the current time, and are putting all our money towards… Continue Reading “My Husband Rocks: Passive agressive edition”

"He’s a climber …"

How many times a day do I hear that phrase? And SAY that phrase??? Baby Boy is an unstoppable climber. He has always been very physical — moving, running, jumping, exploring — but the climbing is awful. When you are 13 months old, what,… Continue Reading “"He’s a climber …"”

Wordless Wednesday: Kiddie notes

One of my fave new sites: I can’t wait until Baby Boy can write me hiliarious notes!

The month of three (THREE!) big fat negatives

How do you get three negative pregnancy tests in one month?A. You are impatient B. You love taking tests, so you jump at each chanceC. You are stubborn, and don’t believe tests (when they’re wrong)D. You have a stupid irregular cycle that confuses youE.… Continue Reading “The month of three (THREE!) big fat negatives”

Not Me Monday: Hobo Mama edition

All of my hang-around-the-house yoga pants are in pristine condition, and none of them have holes — especially not ghetto holes in the CROTCH (which lead to all kinds of “easy access” jokes from Darling Husband Ditto with my hang-around-the-house leggings My favourite tees are… Continue Reading “Not Me Monday: Hobo Mama edition”