Month: August 2011

Not Me Monday: Birthday gluttony edition

While celebrating my twenty-muffle-muffle birthday this weekend, I definitely did not indulge in two full days of eating whatever the hell I wanted Like McDonalds breakfast … … and a Teen burger … … and whipped-cream-and-cookie dessert … … and fried potatoes … …… Continue Reading “Not Me Monday: Birthday gluttony edition”

Photo woes

These are the kind of photos I get of Baby Boy these days. Blurry cellphone shots where he’s already out of frame before the shutter clicks. There’s no time to grab my real camera, because he’s most likely climbing onto a hutch or launching… Continue Reading “Photo woes”


He’s got seven of them. For a kid who barely had two on his first birthday, this is huge. When he smiles, he is such a little BOY. He has actual teeth in his smile, and WOW I am not ready for him to… Continue Reading “Teefers”

You know you’ve been at home with your baby too long when …

… an eye exam is a really fun solo outing, and you excitedly comment on their “fun games” — like the one where you look at blinking lights and click a button like you’re on Jeopardy OMG FUNNNN!

Toddler pizza

Whole-wheat tortilla with chicken, sauce, veggies (cauliflower, red pepper, green pepper, and yellow pepper) and oodles of cheese. Totally drooling now, waiting for my adult-pizza to be ready!