Month: August 2011

Wordless Wednesday: My toddler as Joey Lawrence

"My coat, your coat, MORE coats — look at these coats!"

Remember when I posted about Baby Boy and his, uh, difficult with learning sign language? Well! *beaming proudly* You should see him now! He consistently signs “All done!” when he’s finished eating If you feed him something and he wants more, he signs “More”… Continue Reading “"My coat, your coat, MORE coats — look at these coats!"”

Omigod, you guys!

We saw a house this morning.I said “Wow!” and “I LOVE IT!” every three seconds.I am trying to remain calm.But really? I MUST HAVE IT! The best way to describe how I feel is with the immortal words of Elle Woods (circa Legally Blonde: The… Continue Reading “Omigod, you guys!”

Wordless Wednesday: the why-can’t-we-afford-THIS-subdivision edition

The ABCs of TTC

While Googling around looking for information on TTC (trying to conceive), I came across something that stumped me. “BD.” What the hell was “BD”? I figured out pretty quickly that it meant sex, but WHAT did it stand for? Bumpin’ Uglies Duglies? After a… Continue Reading “The ABCs of TTC”