You CAN go home again

Where the heck did the last two weeks go?

Just over two weeks ago, our condo sale become official. Sorry for abandoning you guys as soon as I spilled the news! I got caught up in a crazy flurry of packing and organizing and more packing — oh, and CHILD-REARING and my writing assignments and the day-to-day crap like laundry and dishes and wiping off the highchair tray about 2,024 times a day.

Busiest. Two weeks. EVER.

I have so much to share! Here’s a sneak peek of what I PROMISE to bloggy-blog about this week:

  • We do not have a house right now
  • We are now living with my mom
  • I’m done with cloth-diapering (ONLY temporarily!)
  • I have officially weaned Baby Boy and stopped breastfeeding. Crazy!
  • My career is going really, really well
  • We are tryyyyyyyyying … 🙂
More coming this week! 

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