Super-easy slow-cooker salsa chicken recipe

I’m not much for posting recipes here at Laptops to Lullabies, for three important reasons:
A. I can’t really cook.
B. I never open my cookbooks, and refer to for basically everything
C. Seriously. Not much of a cook!
But! I came across this super-easy chicken recipe — probably on a blog somewhere, because, really where else do I get my information? Besides Facebook? — and had to post about it. Because it is SO FREAKING easy.
It’s the perfect recipe for moms because …
A. It can be assembled in literally 10 seconds, and then forgotten about all day (while you tend to your children, keep them alive, etc.)
B. It is a way to cook chicken that doesn’t involve the wondering if it’s done yet (or, if you’re like me, horrible overcooking because you are fearful of pink chicken)
C. It doesn’t involve the stove or oven (no potentials for toddler hand-burning because they won’t leave you the hell alone for 30 seconds and THE KITCHEN IS JUST SO SMALL OMG)
Super-easy slow-cooker salsa chicken
1. Take out your slow-cooker.

2. Dump in a few raw boneless chicken breasts.

3. Dump some salsa over them (enough to cover)
4. Plug in the slow-cooker, set the dial to low, leave it alone for 4-6 hours.

This is the part where I’d show you an after photo, but I got busy and forgot to take one. Babies really eat up (pun intended) your food photography time, you know? 
So I borrowed this photo of how it looks, from Freezer Meals For Us. Their recipe is a different (fancier) type of salsa crockpot chicken, but this is how mine looks. So, here!

Looks delish, right? It turns out very shreddy and tender, and is awesome on buns (sloppy sandwich thingys) or on tacos (I lovvvvvvve tacos) or wraps (mmmm) or just by itself, with side dishes.

Enjoy, Mamas!

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