Not Me Monday: What’s yours is mine edition

  • I don’t order kiddie meals for Baby Boy based (somewhat) on what I want to eat. 
  • At dinner on Friday, I didn’t eat his entire portion of fries (while he ate the macaroni and cheese). I would never steal food from my son.
  • On Sunday, I didn’t gobble down half of his bedtime bowl of Cheerios — while exclaiming, “Holy crap! Multigrain Cheerios are good! They’re like ALPHABITS! Mmmm!”
  • Goldfish crackers? Totally his. I would never eat them by the handful on long car-rides.
  • Drink water from his sippy-cup? No! I was just … testing the temperature. You know, to make sure the sun hadn’t heated it up …

So what do you think?

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