The Great Diaper Bag Challenge

My diaper bag was getting out of control.

It was crammed with stuff, suuuuuper-heavy to lift, and I was constantly having to pack it before I left the house. It was not fun.

Here is a partial before shot. It’s hideous, and keep in mind it DOESN’T EVEN SHOW my keys, wallet, sunglasses, coupons, or the 2-3 cloth diapers it contained. I have no idea how they missed the photo. They must have been busy mingling with the hairbands or something.

That’s a lot of crap, right?
Ugh, it bugs me to even see all the junk I was lugging around.

Now for the marvelous after shot (that actually includes EVERYTHING) …

I love it! I travel sooo much lighter now, and I still have everything I need. Here’s now I pared down the dreaded diaper bag:

  • Two or three cloth diapers were taking up SO much room, and we’re only usually out with Baby Boy for a couple of hours at a time. We just weren’t using them. So now I keep one in the bag at all times, and two slim disposables in case of a poo emergency.
  • I’m done with nursing in public, so I don’t need to lug around that cover anymore. Ditto for the nursing pads, as I’m no longer Sprouty McLeak.
  • I didn’t need a zillion empty baggies. Yes, sometimes a baggie comes in handy for wet clothes or a diaper or something, but one large one is enough — it’s hidden inside the yellow wet-bag.
  • I don’t need a massive amount of spare clothing options for Baby Boy. It’s warm enough now that a one-piece outfit is a fine back-up.
  • I don’t need ninety-million snack options. One each is enough for short trips.
  • I realized that if Baby Boy is not interested in a toy or book, he won’t be interested in the other three I have packed. Sophie is now the only toy I keep in there, because she doubles as a teether (and is easily washed). When we’re out, there’s so much to see that he really doesn’t care to play with something.
  • I don’t need to take my camera unless it’s a special occasion. My new phone has a much better camera than my BlackBerry, and it’s fine for day-to-day cuteness opportunities. 
The best part of the diaper bag makeover?
I was able to switch from my nice-but-heavyyyy Bily diaper bag to the light-and-breezy messenger-style backpack I got free from Nestle. I can’t even describe how much EASIER it is to lug around. I throw it over my back and have both hands free, instead of having one shoulder totally weighed down by a massive bag. Love it!
What are you waiting for? Go clean out your diaper bag!

One Comment on “The Great Diaper Bag Challenge

  1. Oh god that looks good. My go to diaper bag these days is a MASSIVE canvas bag from Lands End. It's huge and while cute, not as cute as my much smaller Skip Hop. I totally need to do this.

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